Thursday, August 17, 2017
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About the Website

Here are some features of the new website you may want to know about:

1) the website address is the same as before, i.e.,

2) the home page features cascading menus (on the left side) that organizes information so that you can get to it easily.  Any page accessible from the menu will show the entire menu (on the left side).

3) the home page has an interactive calendar. Click on any day and find the events of that day or  "Month at a Glance" (underneath the calendar) to see all of the events of that month.  Want to know when Religious School is open or closed? Click on "More Events" (underneath the calendar as well) and use the Category dropdown and see all of the Religious School Open (or closed) dates (or other categorized events).

4) the home page has one-click access to the current and previous monthly bulletins (click on the miniature Bulletin). 

5) the home page has links to the Rabbi, President, Cantor and Educator current and previous monthly messages.

6) the home page has banners (the box-like advertisements that highlight upcoming events). Clicking on them will bring you to either more information, a hardcopy form or an on-line form to sign up (and pay for) that event.


But the home page is just like the cover to a book.  And like a book, there is so much more inside to see, listen to and do!


7)  Menu items having yellow/gold lettering link to pages that are Member-only pages. In order to access these Member-only pages, you will need to click the Login menu item (bottom menu choice in yellow). Once clicked, type in your User ID and Password.  The User ID and Password will be supplied separately.  When leaving the website, logout (using the Logout menu item).  Otherwise, the next time you click onto the website, you will already be logged in.  Also, if you cannot login to Member-only pages, contact the Temple office.  It may be that you do not have a registered e-mail address which is required to login.


8) In the menu, About Us, read up on and see the organization of the Temple, basically who's who. The religious, lay and program leadership, the Temple administration and teachers. 


9) In the menu, click on Membership, and pay dues on-line (see restrictions) or use the on-line Membership Directory.


10) If you notice that information is incorrect about yourself (in the Membership Directory), call the Temple office, use the Contact Us link (at the bottom of any Temple page) or update the My Account (a menu item in yellow). Note that the My Account only shows Name/Address/Phone# information. The My Account page may also be used to inform the Temple of changes to family information, such as the birth of a child.


11) In the menu, Worship/Shabbat Schedule/Ruach, listen to Ruach song segments on-line.


12) In the menu, Worship/Parshas-Weekly Torah Portions, read a synopsis of your child's Torah portion as a B'nai Mitzvah - and see some D'Var Torah's given at Ruachs.


13) In the menu, Worship/Yahrzeits, make a visit to a beloved family member that passed away.


14) In the menu, School/YouthPrograms/B'nai Mitzvah Training, listen to songs sung by Cantor Micah that prepares B'nai Mitzvahs.  These are just amazing.


15) In the menu, Adult Learning/Course Offerings, check out the Free and Pay Courses. If you see a course you like, enroll on-line and if a pay course, pay on-line.


16) In the menu, Donation (in yellow/gold lettering), pick a fund or two (or three) that you want to help support and make a donation on-line. There are brief descriptions of each fund.


17) In the menu, Picture Gallery, this is a must see! You and your child may very likely be in some of these Temple event pictures!  BBQ, Simchat Torah, Sukkot just to name a few from this year. Many last year events are also included.


18) Links to Other Site - there is actually some good information here, so peruse it!


One final note: the website is intended to support and serve the Temple members. It is intended to make it easier to feel connected to the Temple in the hustle-bustle of modern day life.  Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know how to improve the website to better serve you.