Thursday, August 17, 2017
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The Temple Sinai Brotherhood welcomes all Temple members to join us in one of our activities or attend one of our meetings.

The Brotherhood is an organization of men who join together to organize and support events and programs that benefit Temple Sinai and the local community. Our activities include serving as High Holiday ushers, the after Rosh Hashanah Service reception, paid-up member Brunch, Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts, Confirmation gifts, support of the Chautauqua Society (an institution founded in 1939 to teach Jews and others about Judaism and Jewish history), and the Certificate Program with local merchants. The Brotherhood supports the Religious School and SoSTY youth group by providing funding for various activities. The Brotherhood has been able to contribute in a meaningful way to various large projects to improve Temple Sinai. The Brotherhood provides assistance to various community organizations to providing help serving meals to providing foods or goods at certain events, such as the Smokin' Barbecue at the opening day festivities of the Sinai Religious School which we fund and work.

What may in fact be the most meaningful aspect of Brotherhood is the camaraderie developed through Sunday morning brunches featuring lox and bagels before the meeting Our agenda is open once a few business items are discussed and Special Meeting like our Political Brunch which features exciting candidate debate. You never know what may come up for discussion. These meetings are open to all Temple members., and new members to the Congregation have a year free membership.

Please feel free to join us at one of our meetings or offer to assist at one of our events. For more information, please contact Stu Madison at

Temple Sinai Brotherhood

Stu Madison, President

Henry Bubel, Chairman of Procedures, Meeting Liaison and Board Representative

Ephraim Fink, Chairman of Outreach and Membership

George Sessa, Chairman of Finance
Larry Barron, Chairman of Programs
Marty Roth, Chairman of Administration
Allan Paull, Board Member
Carl Rosen, Board Member
Michael Kadish, Board Member
Steve Fischer, Board Member
Gary Gepner, Board Member
Jeff Pardo, Board Member
Bob Dorf, Board Member
Larry Cryer, Board Member
Adam Terr, Board Member
 New Temple members are not be required to pay dues in their first year.