Thursday, August 17, 2017
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A list of Yahrzeits follows:        

March 24

Steven Silverstein, Brother of Henry Silverstein
Frank Goldberg, Father of Rosalind Carlin
Benson Hawker, Father of Carolyn Ginsberg
Eugenia Portnoy, Aunt of Philip Bauer
Lawrence Joshua Cohen, Son of
   Andrea and David Cohen
Eleanor Schneider, Mother of Mark Schneider
Martin Lowenthal, Father of Mort Lowenthal
Celia Jean Ozaroff, Grandmother of
   Jules Kaplove
Barbara Kaye, Grandmother of Daniel Scherer
H. Reuben Mandel, Grandfather of Jay Lurie
Steven Pressel, Son of Marion Drexler
Lee (Leah Ruth) Sverdlove, Mother of
   Andrew Sverdlove
Jack Cohn, Father of Lester Cohn
Morris Karlin, Father of Arlene Rosen
William France, Father of Anita Sabin

March 31

Goldie Kurtz, Mother of Sheila Newman
Ray Goldman, Grandmother of Randall Skigen
Laura Surks, Aunt of Beth Peters
Sadie Apat, Mother of Claire Fuchs
Murray Rosen, Husband of Susan Rosen
Sylvia Mathes, Mother of Susan Greenberg
Herman Shepherd, Father of Beth Peters
Joan Grant, Friend of Sheldon Green
Irving Appel, Father of Mark Appel
Mary Wynn, Mother of Jennifer Lapine
Dorothy Quallen, Mother of Sheila Klein
Bernard Gruber, Brother of Shirley Firestein
Celia Bernstein, Mother of Helen Levine
Daniel Ross, Father of Joan Ross
Nathalie Dorf, Mother of Robert Dorf
Cy Leighton, Father of Barbara Levine
Benjamin Bauer, Father of Philip Bauer
Miriam Griswold, Mother of Betsy Bauer
Fanny Klein, Mother of Leslie Klein

April 7, 2017

Leonard Gordon, Father of Paul Gordon
Joseph Greenberg, Father of Edward Greenberg
Joseph Danoff, Father of Stuart Danoff
Helen Boyarsky, Sister of Genevieve Weingrad
Regina Fierstein, Aunt of Richard Fierstein

April 14, 2017

Arlene Morris, Mother of Keith Morris
Harry Thomson, Father of Francine Schechter
Robert Kirsch, Husband of Abigail Kirsch
Nathan Negrin, Grandfather of Nancy Schiffman
Minnette Deutsch, Mother of Claire Friedlander
Morris Lilien, Grandfather of Amy Lilien-Harper
Morris Pardo, Father of Jeffrey Pardo
Bobbi Lewis, Mother of Marne Spingola
Stanley Bloomfield, Father of Joan Klanfer
Luisa Goldstein, Mother of Bruce Goldstein
Joseph Gladstone, Father-in-Law of Sylvia Gladstone
Marvin Antonowsky, Uncle of Gary Gepner
Berman Weintraub, Grandfather of Philip Bauer

April 21, 2017

Lucia Besser, Mother of Gary Besser
Alex Madison, Father of Stuart Madison
Helen Blumberg Holland, Grandmother of Betsy Blumberg
David Sackman, Father of Barbara White
Cathy Jan Cowen, Niece of Ronald Cowen
Barnett Goldberg, Father of Amiel Goldberg
David Sackman, Father of Phyllis Freeman
Barbara Forman, Mother of Deena Ebright
Rita Katchko, Mother of Robert Katchko
Dr. Ruth Aplin Harte, Mother of Heath Harte
Maxwell Raddock, Father of Franklin Raddock
Gary Pardo, Brother of Jeffrey Pardo
Lillian Berni, Mother of Stephen Berni
Aaron Marvin Gillman, Brother of Gloria Mehlman
Howard Nussbaum, Father of Ilyse Lyman
Dorothy Sarner, Mother of George Sarner
Dorothy Wallach, Mother of Paula Eppinger
Norman Sapiro, Uncle of Susan Kostin
Martin Goldstein, Father of Bruce Goldstein
Max Welfeld, Father of Shelly Welfeld
Betty Korn

April 28, 2017

Zelma Mintz, Mother of Caroline Summit
Helen Marcus, Grandmother of Allan Paull
Vivienne Silver, Wife of Richard Silver and Mother of Grant Silver
Donald Rieck, Brother-in-Law of David M. Cohen
Karl Schultz, Grandfather of Eric Morson
Louis Sabin, Brother of Conrad Sabin
Robert Hurwitz, Cousin of Linda Hurwitz
Katherine Farmer Hawker, Mother of Carolyn Ginsberg
Molly Cohn, Grandmother of Cynthia Morris
Irwin Weiner, Father of Sharon Okun
Lewis Engel, Uncle of Carole Gladstone
Dr. Laura Mirkinson, Friend of Richard Fine
Dorothy Cohen Fleischer, Wife of Barry Fleischer and mother of
   Elissa Cohen