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Our caring community warmly welcomes children and families of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.

We offer full-day, flexible programs for children age 6 weeks to 5 years.

age-appropriate curriculum

We are committed to offering children a safe and nurturing environment that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We want your child’s school experience to be a positive one, filled with valuable experiences.

Our philosophy is based on active learning that encourages the development of life skills such as respecting others, negotiating, problem-solving, making choices, and developing a positive self-image.

Our programs provide a variety of opportunities for each child to participate in fun, play-based, engaging and hands-on learning activities.

Jewish values-based Education

ECEC at Temple Sinai provides positive learning experiences which include the celebration of Jewish holidays through storytelling, dancing, cooking and role-playing as well as arts and crafts including Rabbi Jay’s and Cantor Micah’s active engagement with our classrooms. Early exposure to customs and traditions builds strong values and guides our students to feel, understand, and love Judaism.

We believe that the comprehensive development of a child includes mind, body and spirit.  “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” (Aristotle).  We also know that the more support a child has at home with their family, the more impactful the experience so we offer parents’ sessions, as well.  This is an opportunity to learn with the Rabbi and Cantor.


Our infant program is built upon one-on-one interactions to build nurturing relationships while capturing everyday moments. The children participate in activities designed to support verbal, physical and social-emotional development.




This program is designed to help children become members of a group; to socialize with their peers and learning to take directions from adults. In our toddler program, the children enjoy art, music, story time, science, outdoor play and creative movement




This program focuses on your child's growing interest in their surrounding environment and rapidly developing social skills.  Their days are filled with art, music, creative movement, nature walks and science projects; pre-reading and math skills are introduced with engaging activities.



What makes the ECEC at Temple Sinai different?

- The ECEC provides safe and secure full-day childcare 

- Our facility is newly renovated with safe, clean spaces for your child

- We give the expert attention of professional personnel within a nurturing modern facility surrounded by a synagogue community who views these families as their own  

- We host family programming and community building

- We are competitively priced

- We offer flexible and extended hours for families

- We show our families the path forward beyond their time with The ECEC and into a life-long journey with Temple Sinai as their spiritual home.  

- We provide ethically-driven, living wages and fair hiring practices for the professionals taking care of our children

A relationship with more than just high quality childcare, more than the Rabbi and the Cantor - The ECEC at Temple Sinai is a whole community. 

celebrating nature

ECEC at Temple Sinai is situated atop a beautifully wooded property in North Stamford. The windowed classrooms of our program provide children with the ever-changing panorama of seasons. Jewish values emphasize our relationship to and responsibility for the environment and this underlying principle is a part of our ethos.  

A sense of serenity and natural beauty enhances everything we do at our program. We take full advantage of our natural surroundings with beautiful outdoor play and learning spaces. The children are provided with outdoor programs such as gardening, walking trips, outdoor art and music, creative movement and gym classes. 

Family-focused approach

As your child’s first teachers, parents have an amazing opportunity to nurture their child’s growth and development and to advocate for their education. That’s why we pride ourselves on being “Family-Focused”.

Teachers at ECEC are in constant communication with parents, sharing metrics-based evidence of learning and growth and offering you insights on how you can continue your child’s growth beyond the school day. We have an open-door policy, which means that you are welcome anytime to stop by to see your child and our program in action. The ECEC at Temple Sinai offers many events for families and their children.

Who will your kids be with?

The ECEC is made up of families like yours.  Single and dual-parent households, diversity of ethnicity, economic and religious backgrounds. 

Striving to deliver the best of Jewish wisdom on raising good people, we are a caring, responsive and inclusive extended family.  If you want to join us in raising your kids with us, we’ll be glad to have you. 

You are welcome here! Refugees are welcome here. People of color are welcome here. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome here. Partners of another faith tradition are welcome here. Spiritual seekers are welcome here. Atheists and those who struggle with religion are welcome here.  Our doors are open to all people…period.

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