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Heretics standing at sinai - podcast

Believe it or not, I don't feel like I have that much ability to share what I believe about God.  On the bimah during services, it can be very tricky because there isn't the opportunity to have a conversation with nuance and careful explanation and so, I end up feeling like many people have the wrong idea about what they think the word "God" means to me.  What's more, I totally relate to those who say, "I'm spiritual but not religious."  This podcast is meant to be an effort to explore, explain and find others who think about nature, meaning and purpose the way I do.  If you've been looking for a partner on your spiritual path, see if anything here clicks for you.

I'm using a book called Open Secrets by Rami Shapiro.  With the author's permission, I'll be reading a short section each week and then discussing it with someone I invite to the conversation.  If you're interested in joining me for a chat in one of these sessions (or even just offline to discuss the ideas) please reach out to me by clicking here.

If you've got suggestions, I'm all ears.  I hope you enjoy but, more importantly, I hope you grow in your ability to understand the world through the wisdom of our rich and surprising, 21st century, Jewish Tradition.


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Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784