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Temple Sinai's combined Religious and Hebrew education program is designed to inspire students to find joy and fulfillment in living Jewishly.  Our program provides them with the tools and knowledge (ritual, spiritual, cultural, historical, ethical and textual) that will help them begin to lead Jewish lives, feeling connected to personal practice and the Jewish community.  We provide a caring environment and are staffed by dedicated and knowledgeable teachers.  Our innovative K-7 curriculum includes family education programming, field trips, retreats, and worship services.

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from consecration to confirmation

Beginning in Kindergarten, the goal of our Religious School is to teach students about the tapestry of Jewish life.  Finding the right place to make a spiritual home for one's family is crucial and we encourage families to get to know us before making that sort of commitment.  For that reason, we open enrollment for our kindergarten to any family, for free with or without being members of Temple Sinai.  Obviously, we think it is pretty great here and we're pretty sure that, after a year with us, you'll think so, too.  For more information about our Free Kindergarten, please write to our interim educator

Mid-Week Religious School begins when our students reach third grade and continues through sixth grade. The program is split between 45 minutes of Judaics, 45 minutes of Hebrew (encompassing reading, writing and a little conversational Hebrew) and a 25-minute service with the Rabbi and/or Cantor.  Students lead their own weekly worship service, to reinforce their Hebrew studies and develop their familiarity with the prayerbook. 

In seventh grade, (or one year before celebrating becoming b'nei mitzvah, whichever comes first) our students come to the Temple as a class just once a week because they will begin one-on-one, weekly tutoring sessions with a teacher.  For that final year, they'll meet weekly with a tutor, and then with Cantor Micah and finally with Rabbi TelRav.  Our process of preparation for the big day is not one-size-fits-all.  We have an entirely personalized approach and we're confident that we can help you celebrate.  If you'd like to speak more about your student, your questions or anything else, please write to our interim educator

Schiff Tichon Sinai will help 8th, 9th and 10th grade teens experience joy in Jewish learning, pride in being Jewish, and a commitment to participation in Jewish life.  When our teens are connected to Temple Sinai they learn about Jewish life by actively experiencing it!  Tichon Sinai combines the best of classroom-based and experiential education in a cohesive program that fosters Jewish identity development and community-building.  

Senior Youth Group - meant for our high school students, Sinai of Stamford Temple Youth (SoSTY) participates in community service, social and recreational activities.  Our local chapter of the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY), SoSTY is an opportunity for students to learn, grow, do and socialize past their bar/bat mitzvah with the kids they've known at Temple for many years.  In addition to many other activities, the SoSTY members have organized the Purim Carnival for our younger students, sponsored a bake sale and held a "shul-in" (a sleepover at the Temple).  Click here to visit SoSTY's facebook page.

College Students may be out of sight but they're not out of mind.  They are important to us and maintaining that connection with their home-congregation and their Jewish identity is crucial.  We have made it a priority to keep in touch with them.  At holidays, like Chanukah and Passover, Temple Sinai sends a small package with various goodies to help them celebrate while they are away from home.  At other times of the year, they may receive a "care" package from us, just to let them know we are thinking of them.

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