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Weekly Parshah Commentary

There is power in knowing that one is connected to something greater than oneself.  Locally we achieve that by joining a congregation. Globally, we feel a connection to the Jewish people by reading the same portion of the Torah with other Jews everywhere.  Each week, there is a coordinated piece of the Five Books of Moses which is read. When the community makes its way, week by week, through these portions, the Torah will be read in its entirety over the course of one calendar year.  There are lifetimes of study that could be done on every element of the Torah and, over the history of our people, this act of exploration has sustained us. Now, through the power of the web, we all have access to the commentary of the classic rabbis as well as today’s most dynamic teachers of Torah. 

Each week, Rabbi TelRav and Cantor Morgovsky teach us Torah in classes, programs and during services.  Clicking here will bring you to the Union of Reform Judaism’s Torah Learning page.  You will automatically be brought to this week’s current reading but, if you are searching for a commentary on a different portion of the Torah, then this page will bring you to a list of all the parshiot and you can search the back issues.

Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyar 5784