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Life and Legacy

LIFE & LEGACY – it’s a catchy phrase, but what does it mean?  Temple Sinai has been the center of Reform and progressive Jewish life in our community for almost 70 years, evolving with the times to enable each of us to find our own meaning and ways to grow personally, spiritually, intellectually, and socially.  Temple Sinai is home to us and our families, where we share the important and intimate moments and milestones in our lives with our extended congregational family.  That’s LIFE!

Reform Judaism faces many uncertainties as we look to the future.  What forms will synagogue life and membership take?  What will be the role of organized religion in our society?  What will our children and grandchildren, and their families and community, need and want from Temple Sinai?  And how can we, today, help to provide for their future, so that Temple Sinai will be able and prepared to meet their aspirations and desires as it has met our own?  That’s LEGACY!

Through the LIFE & LEGACY program and our Temple Sinai Legacy Society, we are providing for a fruitful and prosperous future for our congregation.  We are collecting permanent funding so that our kehillah kedoshah – our sacred community – will be sustained and flourish long after we are no longer here to support it ourselves.

You can join in this life-affirming, legacy-building process by committing today to donate to Temple Sinai’s permanent financial base, its endowment.  It doesn’t have to cost you anything today, and you don’t have to be wealthy to make a big impact.  You just have to be passionate and committed to Temple Sinai’s future.  This is the opportunity for each one of us to become a true philanthropist, often in ways we never envisioned or thought possible.

One of our LIFE & LEGACY team members would love to talk to you about how you can participate.  Click here and we’ll be in touch to arrange a conversation.

Click on the links below to learn more, and then join your fellow congregants in building a secure and lasting future for Temple Sinai.  Growth Happens Here.


Be remembered forever by Temple Sinai with a gift in your will,
 trust, retirement account or life insurance policy.



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Why is Legacy giving important to Temple Sinai?

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What is LIFE & LEGACY?

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