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Our Volunteer Leadership

Temple Sinai is only as strong as its volunteers and we value them highly. In every aspect of our operations, from programs geared towards students to those for our elders; from the health of our building to the health of our budget, volunteers make it all happen.  We feel it is truly important to thank them and honor them for their service.  To the left, you’ll find the group of those who currently are most involved and serving on the Board of Trustees as the leadership of our congregation. Know that there are so many more than those here and we hope you’ll see your own picture here, someday.

Below, you'll find the names of our volunteer leaders and the covenant they all signed as Board members.  We take these responsibilities as sacred expressions of how important to us Temple Sinai is and have a great time fulfilling them at the same time.








Moira Morrissey, President
Sharon Goldstein, VP of Administration
Nan Gordon, VP of Torah
Grant Kallen, VP of Kehillah
Jen Kramer, VP of Avodah
Susan Kostin, VP of Finance
Lisa Silver, VP of Tikkun Olam
Alan Cohen, Immediate Past President

Human Resources Advisor

Myrna Sessa

General Legal Counsel

David M. Cohen

Temple Sinai Past Presidents

Marc E. Friedman
Gloria Skigen
Arlene Rosen
David S. Cohen ז"ל
William F. Gilbert
Meryl Japha
Michael K. Stone
David M. Cohen
Carl E. Rosen
Paul R. Gordon
Henry P. Bubel
Edward M. Kweskin
David S. Cohen ז"ל
David Labson, ז"ל
Robert E. Eppinger, ז"ל
Ruthe Bernhard, ז"ל
Richard W. Pacter, ז"ל
Herbert B. Gabriel, ז"ל
Leon Weisburgh
Harry B. Bernhard
Robert N. Randall, ז"ל
Richard E. Imershein
Jack Alexander, ז"ל
Phylles Wyman
Robert L. Luery
Arthur I. Palley, ז"ל
Jeroll R. Silverberg, ז"ל
Herbert I. Fusfeld, ז"ל
David F. Squire
Spencer D. Oettinger
Martin Manaly, ז"ל
William Graham, Jr.
Harold J. Sandak, ז"ל

The Hebrew letters, ז"ל, after a person's name stand for "זכרונו לברכה" and are added to those who are no longer alive. In English, it means, "their memory should be for blessings."



Marc Bennett
David Fischer
Wynd Harris
Wendy Lewis
Aaron Levenson
Tatyana Lovishuk
Stuart Madison
Susan Pelish-Thaler
Michelle Poris
Betsy Stone
Shelley Taylor
Glenn Wolff

Auxiliary Representatives

Marc Bennett, Brotherhood
Michael Kadish, Brotherhood

Michelle Haiken-Fink, Sisterhood
Liz Lebo, Sisterhood

Nora Amsellem, SoSTY
Braeden Rubin, SoSTY
Callie Morson, SoSTY
Eli Pardo, SoSTY 

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782