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Social Action

When Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, ז"ל, was asked how he maintained his prayer schedule during the time he was marching arm-in-arm with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ז"ל, he famously answered, “I was praying with my feet.”  At Temple Sinai, we consider acts of Gemilut Chasadim - Loving Kindness - to be our way of praying with our hands.  Find some effort underway and join it or, if you’ve got an idea or passion that isn’t already happening here, tell us about it and we’ll help you get it started.

The Tikkun Olam Council of Temple Sinai sponsors one or more collection projects, involving a variety of different things, for people in need. Hands-on action projects also take place throughout the year.  We welcome you to join one of our committees and donate your time to one of our projects. If you are interested in helping address, homelessness, hunger or loneliness we have some people who share your commitments that we'd like you to meet.  

If you are unable to give the gift of your time, a financial donation is always greatly appreciated. Even a small contribution will help us to fund our ongoing programs and commit to new ones.



Social Action Events

The Caring committee

This is one of the most valuable and meaningful ways that Temple Sinai cares for its own family members.  We hope you’ll take a look at the examples of ways we give of our time for each other and find a way to help.  When you are ready to reach out, click here and we’ll get back to you.

You can help others by helping us with:

Make a meal - Everyone knows that we show our love with food.  And everyone has found themselves at one time or another in a difficult spot - when we or a loved one was struggling and every extra demonstration of support meant the world to us.  At Temple Sinai, we're ready to make those demonstrations real and you can help by joining our team of cooks.  As often as you like and on your own schedule, you can make a meal and make a difference at the same time.

Drive someone to Temple - Imagine how meaningful it would be if you brought an individual to Temple who otherwise would have to miss out.  We have individuals who cannot get here without you and it could be the easiest (and most powerful) mitzvah for you to swing by on your way and bring him/her with you.

Call or visit isolated congregants - It is so easy to spend a few minutes every once in a while on the phone or in person with one of your Sinai family members.  If you have extra time in your schedule and you like to chat, then we have someone who’d love to hear from you.  This is a great gift that you can give and, after you hang up, you might just find that it was meaningful for you, too!  

This registration form is for two types of folks: those who can help and those who need help.  Whichever you are, please don't delay.  Fill in the information on this  form and a member of the Caring Committee will be in touch with you shortly.


Being in the hospital is no fun – having to spend Shabbat there is even worse. Temple Sinai brings bags of challah, grape juice and greetings and delivers them with a smile and a “Shabbat Shalom” to members of the Jewish community who are admitted to Stamford Hospital. If you have a little time to help us build the bags or deliver them on a Friday afternoon, email Lee Ann Heller for more information.


The first Monday of every month at 4:30pm

Once a month for the last 20+ years, committed individuals have gathered to prepare a few hundred sandwiches to deliver to local soup kitchens and food pantries. They have become a close-knit group and would love your help. For more information, contact the Temple office.


December 25th, every year

Each year, Temple Sinai members serve the afternoon holiday meal at New Covenant House Soup Kitchen. While much of our greater Stamford community is celebrating but those without enough to eat are still hungry and we are ready to help. Roll up your sleeves because everyone has a role to fill. For more information, please contact Marian Freed or Sally Kelman at 203.322.0518


This group of members has been quietly cooking and serving an entire meal for the hungry at the New Covenant House once a month for many years. They receive no great public praise for their hard work but you should know about their efforts. If you’re interested in supporting their work by volunteering or donating to The New Covenant Center in Stamford, please contact Marc Bennett or Stu Madison.


For at least 20 years, Temple Sinai has served dinner to the women at Inspirica (formerly St. Luke’s Lifeworks) women’s shelter in Stamford on the second Sunday of the month. The menu is e-mailed to all the volunteers and each person who can make something that month replies. Contributors only volunteer when they are able.

A lovely meal is served for about 25 women. The women at the shelter always get excited when they see us. They say we make the best food. (We take great pride in our meals!)

Join us! You can do it as frequently or infrequently as you wish. You can have a child join you. It’s a great lesson. On the way home you will experience that elated feeling of having done a mitzvah! Please contact Judy Katz (203.322.3083).


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Our members are doing “mitzvot” (good deeds) all the time but, once a year Temple Sinai comes out in force to make a difference in our temple community and the community at large. Participants can choose from many types of activities. Some require getting your hands dirty and others simply opening your heart. To register yourself, suggest a project or for more information click here.

Social Justice @ Sinai

There is a lot of room for improvement out there in our world today.  Our Social Action efforts described above seek to alleviate the suffering of individuals and to make their lives a bit easier.  But this group also seeks to address the root causes of the problems over which we all fret.  Why are there so many homeless and what can we do about it?  How can we help our politicians protect America’s history of serving as a welcoming safe-harbor for immigrants rather than a closed wall to those who desperately need an open door.  What is within our reach to ensure the American Dream remains alive and well for all Americans?  These are the questions this group asks and seeks to answer. 

If you hear the call to action in your heart and want to know more about what is happening at Temple Sinai, please click here to contact Michael Kadish, the chair of the Social Justice efforts at Sinai.

Click here to access a resource file created by Sinai Circles - A Journey of Self-Awareness and Discovery in Relation to Race


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