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                   ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN

Please donate generously to funds that resonate with your spiritual and practical sensibilities. When specifying an amount, only use numbers (no $ signs, commas or decimal points). Also, the minimum total contribution is 18 dollars. Thank you for contributing. Know that it goes to support a good cause!

Your donation is not complete until you click "Submit" at the bottom of the page and specify your payment options on the next screen.

ENDOWMENT FUNDS: Only the investment income interest from these funds can be used for their stated purposes.

Cantorial Endowment Fund: To offset the added cost of a Cantor for Temple Sinai.

Goldstein Fund: To provide funding for Religious School's sixth grade teachers.

Larry Cohen Fund: To support programs and activities for preschoolers, including babysitting for pre-school children during morning High Holy Day or other services.   In addition, any income beyond the amount required for High Holy Day babysitting shall also be available to support the kindergarten program in the Religious School, provided that in the event that the Congregation decides to charge fees or tuition to kindergarten families in the future, the Fund shall then be reserved exclusively for non-kindergarten preschool programming and babysitting.

Legacy Endowment Fund: To provide resources to retain professional staff and to provide for the general financial health of the Temple

Manaly Youth Camp Fund: To provide camping scholarships, which will encourage children of Temple Sinai members to attend the camps of the Reform movement.

Rabbinic Endowment Fund: To ensure that Temple Sinai has funds in perpetuity to pay for the employment of the rabbi of its choice, serving as a supplemental income source to general revenues now derived in part from dues and fund raising.

Religious School Endowment Fund: To offset expenses of Temple Sinai's Religious School.

Roberts Adult Education Fund: To provide funding for Temple Sinai's adult education programs.

Joan Bruder Danoff Lecture Fund: To support an annual lecture, preferably in the spring, open to the community, by a leading figure in Jewish literature, arts, and culture.

OPERATING FUND:  To be used for the current year's operating expenses.

ENTITLED FUNDS: Both principal and interest may be used.

Religious Leadership

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund: To be used at the Rabbi's discretion to support worthy purposes within and outside of Temple Sinai.

Cantor's Discretionary Fund:To be used at the Cantor's discretion to support worthy purposes within and outside of Temple Sinai.

Educator's Discretionary Fund: To be used at the Educator’s discretion to support the educational programs of Temple Sinai.


Chesed (Caring) Fund: To provide flowers, food and other similar items to Temple Sinai families in need of small tokens of assistance or comfort.

Morton Alter Hospice Fund: To help Temple Sinai members with hospice expenses and the hospice experience

Sally Kelman Social Action Fund: Sisterhood-sponsored fund to support homeless and community service programs

Gen Weingrand Sunshine Fund: Contributions are used towards the Mitzvah of bringing ‘cheer’ to members, such as shiva platters, flowers or meals as needed.

Music and Ruach

Friends of Ruach Fund: To cover the costs associated with Ruach and Ruach Junior services.

Kweskin Music Fund: To enhance the musical activities of Temple Sinai's spiritual endeavors.

Temple Grounds

Capital Fund: To fund capital improvements and repairs to Temple Sinai.

Bache/Kaplan Arts and Aesthetics Fund: For aesthetic improvements primarily to Temple Sinai's interior with the exception of the Sanctuary

Cemetery Beautification Fund: To support the physical care and landscape enhancements to the Temple Sinai Cemetery area at Fairfield Memorial Park.

Eppinger/Wallach Floral Fund: To be used towards flowers for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and if excess funds allow, for Bimah flowers during the year and lastly, Temple Sinai beautification.

Memorial Wall Fund: Gifts and/or spiritual enhancements to the Sanctuary space.

New Kitchen/Sanctuary Fund: To renovate and or reconstruct the Sanctuary, social hall, and kitchen areas of Temple Sinai's building.

New Playground Fund.

Education and Youth

Schiff Creative Education Fund: To foster innovative and creative experimentation in Jewish education, heritage and traditions.

Congregational Life and Enrichment Fund (CLEF): To support a wide variety of enhanced programming to enrich the spiritual and communal life of our membership.

Danoff Youth Activities Center Fund: To construct, equip, furnish, operate, and maintain a facility within Temple Sinai that is accessible to the congregation and that is designed to provide attractive educational, recreational, worship, and programming space for the youth of the Congregation.

Gibor Fund:To support community-wide programs which unite the disparate components of the Fairfield County Jewish Community

Confirmation/Summer in Israel Fund: To contribute toward a Temple Sinai member's (who has been confirmed) UJF-sanctioned trip to Israel during his/her high school years.

Camp Scholarship Fund: To provide need-based scholarships for member's children to attend URJ-sponsored camps

Robert Schechter Outdoor Youth Education and Leadership Fund: To provide financial support for group outdoor education and leadership programs for Temple Sinai post-b’nai mitzvah youth and/or individual scholarships to Temple Sinai youth to attend Jewish or secular outdoor educations programs.

Library and Prayer Books

Library Fund: To purchase books and other materials for Temple Sinai's library.

Prayerbook Fund: To purchase printed material to enhance the services at Temple Sinai, including books as gifts for b'nai mitzvah students.

Mitzvah Projects

MITZVAH PROJECTS FUND:  To support the activities at the Temple’s annual Mitzvah day event and other mitzvah projects throughout the year.

Other Purpose

OTHER PURPOSE:  Please specify below

Temple Sinai would like to include you in our roster of supporters, both to express our gratitude for your donation and to encourage others to join your support; please check here if you would prefer that your donation remain anonymous.


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