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Sinai in the news

At Temple Sinai, we’re focused on living vibrant lives together.  We celebrate, learn, serve and grow here and we realize that others, who are not a part of Sinai want to understand more.  There are times when our efforts and activities are shared by local media and you are welcome to take a look at how the rest of the world sees us and our leaders in the larger community

The time Temple Sinai blew out Purim with a carnival to remember!  [3/5/2023]

The time Temple Sinai brought 13 goats to our backyard for Tashlich during a drought.  Instead of feeding on sins in breadcrumbs to fish, we fed them through greens to the cutest little goats ever!  Everyone had a great time.  [8/27/2022]

The time the Advocate wrote about how Temple Sinai annually serves Christmas dinner at NCC but accidently put up a picture of volunteers from Temple Agudath Shalom! [12/25/2020]

The time Temple Sinai Brotherhood hosted candidates for local, state, and federal elections in anticipation of the November election. [10/18/2020]

The time Temple Sinai was featured on the local news for serving Christmas Dinner at the Soup Kitchen in Stamford. [12/25/2019]

The time we gathered with our fellow communities of faith to stand with our Islamic neighbors in their time of pain.  [3/22/2019]

The time Rabbi TelRav spoke on an NPR panel about anti-Semitic events in our Connecticut school systems. [12/5/2016]

The time Temple Sinai sponsored the annual menorah lighting in downtown New Canaan. [12/6/2018]

The time Cantor Micah's concert was highlighted in the Stamford Advocate. [12/17/2017]

The time Temple Sinai was featured in the paper at the beginning of Yom Kippur.

The time Temple Sinai erected a huge art installation called Unity to emphasize the strength gained through diversity.

The Times' obituary for our congregant, teacher and friend, Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz

The time Temple Sinai gathered to bury our holy books as we transitioned to the use of the Reform Movement's new High Holiday Machzor.

The time Temple Sinai "tangled" a new creation while celebrating the creation of the world on Rosh Hashanah.

The time Temple Sinai welcomed Rabbi TelRav to the community.

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784