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Avodat HaLev - The Heart’s Labor - Rabbi Jay and Cantor Micah
We work all week with our mind and our body but on Shabbat, we set that aside and we turn to the labor of the heart.  Using traditional Jewish meditation practices, elements of the prayer service and intentions written by the clergy, we spend 1 hour on Shabbat morning together to get our day started well.  We welcome anyone who is curious about meditation, is searching for the path to deepen their shabbat practice or just wants another way to connect with their Sinai family.  All ages, religions, experience levels and Judaic knowledge are welcome.

Give yourself a break - Robin Himelstein

Calling Temple Sinai Religious School mothers!  Socialize with other moms and leave your kids at home.  This will be a fun, easy way to get to know other parents in the Religious School. [This group meets monthly on a weeknight]...Give yourself a break...a little me-time!

A Journey of Self-Awareness and Discovery in Relation to Race - Joan Madison

In the United States today a convergence of political, economic, environmental, social, and psychological forces is motivating more White Americans than ever before to learn about and understand what has allowed racism to exist, flourish and endure for centuries.  Avenues of inquiry have repeatedly revealed the presence of systemic racism in our land.  Systemic does not mean intentional or unintentional.  That is a separate attribute of racism.  Systemic (institutional) racism refers to racist policies and/or practices that are embedded in all aspects of our lives.  Such racism is inevitably part of our attitudes and we may not even be aware of it!  Racism persists at very deep levels, and this creates enormous complexity.  Who knew?!  Americans of Color did.  The rest of us must learn.


To first reduce then eradicate racism, and to create genuine equality among races, white people need to willingly examine their own attitudes, thoughts, and subtle or hidden feelings which may, even unwittingly, lead to racist behavior.  Such self-examination is challenging, but it is possible, and it is rewarding!  In this circle, we can learn and grow together as each person embarks on her/his own journey towards greater awareness and acceptance of the humanity that defines us all.



Meditation - Ronnie Lilien

Meditation helps us see what we tell ourselves by developing a witness consciousness and awareness, helps quiet the mind and develop compassion for ourselves and others.

Each session will begin with a quote from Jewish literature as a focus or intention.  Ronnie will take you through a beautiful guided visualization to serve as an anchor and bring our minds back to stillness when we become distracted.

We will share our experiences and thoughts after our experience (if you want to).  What came up for you? Was it about the topic or something completely different?

Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome.



Movement - Carly Dorman

Now more than ever it is important for us to keep our bodies moving. Why? Because physical exercise promotes better sleep, reduces stress, and it is a great immune booster! And we can all use some of that, right? For the most part, we’ve been pretty static, stuck at home or in front of a computer for hours on end. How about a great opportunity to bond with old friends, make new friends, and do something good for your body at the same time? Welcome to the Circle of Movement! Each meeting will focus on a movement-based activity. We’ll tone, stretch, move, and groove to satisfy our bodies, minds, and spirits. Take part in movements you love or challenge yourself to try something new. From Pilates, Stretch, Cardio, Sculpt, and even Ballroom Dance, your participation will leave you feeling better than when you started. Experienced and inexperienced movers welcome!

Mussar - Moira Morrissey & Betsy Stone

An 18th-century system of character improvement, mussar draws on the centuries-old teachings as well as modern interpretations and psychological understanding to provide participants with a structure for growth and development.  Some have called it Jewish “self-help” but it is so much more than that - join with others who want to understand themselves better and who wish to have fewer complaints when looking in the spiritual mirror next Yom Kippur.

Navigating the Empty Nest - Amy Fischer

As children leave home our stage of life changes. This is a great time to reconnect with yourself and make new friends.  We will come together to explore how we navigate parenting adult children as well as general topics that are relevant in middle age.  Individuals and couples together are both equally encouraged to register.  [This group meets on Saturday late morning via Zoom or outdoors when possible)


Non-Dual Judaism - Grant Kallen

Non-dual simply means “not-two”. The Shema proclaims God is One. Kabbalists and mystics of every major religion have insisted that God is not some sentient all-knowing power in the sky, but is in everything we see, do, and are. There is only God, literally, everything is God. In fact, God is reading this introduction right now. If you’ve found the Biblical presentation of God troubling or the personal model of God unsatisfying.  If you have struggled to understand your place in the Universe, then perhaps you are ready for a non-dual lens through which to see reality.  We will meet monthly to study the work of Jay Michaelson and others.  Using our in-between session reading, our conversations will offer the opportunity to rock your world!


The Sandwich Generation - Marian Freed

Do you feel squeezed?  Caring for both your parents (both near and far) and children (young or grown) simultaneously can be challenging.  Take care of YOU while you are busy taking care of others.  Join our circle and place yourself in company with others who know how difficult (and holy) it is.  [This group meets monthly on a weekend afternoon]

Schmaltzed Lightening - EJ Fink

The Sinai Circle Auto Group (name to be voted on by the group at a later date) exists for the sole purpose of expressing our love, devotion, and enthusiasm for all things motor vehicle.  And then to share in the joy we get from them - both in our everyday lives as well as our passion from the leisure/recreation/sport they offer.  Whether you are nostalgic for the vintage, retro classics of yesteryear or a devotee of modern technology, luxury, and exotics, if you love cars, then we have a chair for you.  The intention is to share stories, photos, information, know-how and maybe even take the obligatory field trip to a car show/meet/rally once in a while.  We will take turns offering spotlight presentations, sharing our coffee table books, and helping each other live out our dreams of being on the open American road.  Driver’s license required ;)


Torah Nerds - Sharon Pardo

If you have always wanted to chant (or leyn) Torah during services, Torah Nerds is the Circle for you! We will read through Torah portions pre-selected by the Rabbi and Cantor, identify the meaningful parts of the portion that we each want to highlight, help each other learn the text and trope (with support by Cantor Micah), and then chant them during Friday Night services throughout the year. To enrich our understanding of what we are reading, we will translate the sections word for word from Hebrew into English and discuss how the trope (cantillation marks) add to the depth of the reading. All Torah chanting enthusiasts who want to add a new dimension to their enjoyment of Torah are welcome. Basic Hebrew reading is required, the ability to carry a tune is optional, and there is no age minimum or maximum (teens must be at least 13 years old).

Writer’s, anon - Katherine Magyarody

Have a half-finished novel manuscript in your drawer?  Looking for time to write that memoir? Trying to find a space to think through a picture book you want to publish? Give yourself the time you need to tell that special story…and to support others as they share their creative voices. This group meets monthly for a period of freewriting (with prompts available for those who want them) followed by time for “pair and share” peer editing. Discussion about the process of writing and publishing different genres can be incorporated according to interest. [place and time here]


Zentangle© - Amy Lilien-Harper

Whether you are an experienced tangler, have always wanted to try it out, or just love to draw or doodle, and are looking for a relaxing way to tap into your creativity, Zentangle© is for you.  Through a series of simple, structured steps, you will create beautiful patterns and complete small individual pieces in a relaxing, supportive atmosphere. We will draw together, learn new patterns and techniques, and get the chance to reflect before and after on the beauty we have created in our time together, while stepping away from the distractions and stresses of our everyday lives.  No experience is necessary, and this art form is accessible to everyone, regardless of artistic background or perceived skill.  This group meets once a month, at a time to be determined.  Please note, there will be a small materials fee.


Women’s 30-day Challenge - Julie TelRav

Join a virtual circle of women who are helping support each other through growth and personal development. Every thirty days, this Circle renews its commitment to take on a new challenge of self-improvement. Members agree to check Facebook each day for the daily prompt, reflect on it, and try to engage with it in a way that is personally meaningful for her. Group members support each other by contributing thoughts for continued discussion, feedback, and motivation in the comments section. From 30 days of Yoga to 30 days of kindness, you’ll be encouraged to push yourself and be the best version of yourself! 


Worshipping alone together- Debbie Ferri

Attending services and other gatherings with our Temple Sinai family brings peace to the body, mind, and soul. We look forward to seeing each other, whether it be over zoom or in person, and participating in meaningful discussion, song, and prayer.   Some of us go to services and programs alone, though.  Come share your story and feelings about worshipping and participating in Temple activities alone together.


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